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Napoleon Condensers – Cooler Than Ever

We always relish the opportunity to tell you about a major update that completely revamps a product line, but every update is not major. That doesn’t mean that the smaller changes aren’t worth celebrating, though! Today, we’re going to get into a minor update from a major manufacturer and why it’s important. Charcool Grey Cabinets… continue reading

More Reasons to Love Napoleon Equipment

Recently, Able Distributors had the opportunity to pick the brains of Randy Helmke and Brian Walker of Napoleon Manufacturing. This conversation included a number of facts and tidbits about Napoleon products that didn’t make it into our recent blog posts. We’ve collected this info and combined it into a bonus blog post, presented below. Be… continue reading

Napoleon Manufacturing: The Coolest Air Conditioners

Welcome to the final entry in our series of blog posts introducing Napoleon Manufacturing and their products. Today, we’ll be exploring their air-conditioning condensers and condo packs. Be sure to check out our previous posts on the history of Napoleon and their furnaces if you haven’t already. The A/C Lineup Napoleon offers a full complement… continue reading