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Z-Block Hub – Videos, Literature, and Application Drawings

We introduced the Z-Block from Tamas to Able last month and the response has been overwhelming. When Able was considering bringing these products aboard, we wanted to be sure of two things: they addressed a need from our customers and they made sense from a value perspective. We viewed the Z-Block as a foundational building… continue reading

Able Distributors South Side Tour

If you’ve never been to our South Side branch, or it’s been a while since your last visit, check out this guided tour courtesy of our product specialist, Brian Daleske. If you want to get a closer look at any of the displays or products featured in that video, stop by Able Distributors South Side… continue reading

New Year, New Peerless – The Reliable Series MI-e Boiler

As standards and practices change and evolve, so to must the equipment developed under them. That, of course, is just a fancy way of saying that manufacturers frequently update product lines to ensure compliancy. While these incremental changes may not be as sexy as a brand-new technology, they are an important part of the HVAC… continue reading

New Products & New Rebates at Able

This Winter has been a busy one at Able Distributors. Hopefully, you didn’t miss regular blog posts too much. The good news is that they’re back with a vengeance. Today, I’m going to be running down some of the latest additions from to our catalog courtesy of Bosch and NTI as well as an exciting… continue reading

Zilmet IntaKlean2 Magnetic Dirt Separators [VIDEOS]

Brian explains the benefits of using Zilmet IntaKlean2 magnetic dirt separators to improve longevity of both standard and high-efficiency boilers. This dirt separator is a great fit for our new TRX lineup! We carry it in the following connection sizes: 3/4″ : https://catalog.abledistributors.com/23317/magnetic-dirt-separator-3-4-multifunction-w-filter/ 1″ : https://catalog.abledistributors.com/23318/magnetic-dirt-separator-1-multifunction-w-filter/ 1-1/4″: https://catalog.abledistributors.com/23319/magnetic-dirt-separator-1-1-4-multifunction-w-filter/