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Introducing intaKlean – Powerful Magnetic Protection

It’s no secret that we love condensing boilers, and we love importing the finest accessories from Europe to complement them. One of the biggest sticking points when it comes to convincing people to upgrade from a standard-efficiency unit to a high-efficiency one isn’t the cost difference but rather the trouble of converting and preparing the… continue reading

Zilmet IntaKlean2 Magnetic Dirt Separators [VIDEOS]

Brian explains the benefits of using Zilmet IntaKlean2 magnetic dirt separators to improve longevity of both standard and high-efficiency boilers. This dirt separator is a great fit for our new TRX lineup! We carry it in the following connection sizes: 3/4″ : https://catalog.abledistributors.com/23317/magnetic-dirt-separator-3-4-multifunction-w-filter/ 1″ : https://catalog.abledistributors.com/23318/magnetic-dirt-separator-1-multifunction-w-filter/ 1-1/4″: https://catalog.abledistributors.com/23319/magnetic-dirt-separator-1-1-4-multifunction-w-filter/

Zilmet ZEP-1: Next Generation Thermal Expansion

It’s no secret that we are major proponents of tankless water heating. Unlimited, on-demand hot water is the way of the future and at Able the future is now. Rinnai’s SENSEI and Demand Duo product lines provide tankless options for every application from single-family residential to multi-family to commercial and industrial. It’s also no secret… continue reading

Our Favorite Hydronic Accessories

Today, we’re going to be doing a roundup of our favorite hydronic accessories–including several new additions to the Able Distributors catalog. Most of these products will be available at the Able Distributors Hydronic Demo Days event taking place at each of branches throughout the week.

Zilmet’s Space-Saving Expansion Tanks

As a contractor, your installation is your calling card. If your installations are sloppy, ugly, and take up a ton of space, chances are you’re not getting any return calls, let alone recommendations. However, a clean installation that saves space and looks great can generate return business and word of mouth advertising. That’s why we’re… continue reading