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The Zilmet 60: Bigger, Better, and just as Flat

When we first saw Zilmet’s flat expansion tanks, we saw an opportunity. An opportunity to improve our customers’ hydronic installation experiences and an opportunity for them to give their customers a cleaner, sharper installation. It seems like we were right because our first year of stocking Zilmet models was a resounding success. So much so that we’re expanding our line to include Zilmet’s latest: a 6.3-gallon model.

The ZFT24R (Able Part Number: A40-FLAT-60) features everything you love about Zilmet’s other models in a slightly larger package. It’s easy to install, easy to access for servicing, and works in a multitude of applications. Like the smaller models, the FLAT-60 includes mounting hardware and union connections with a dual service check valve.

It features a capacity of 6.3 gallons, 1.5 gallons more than the FLAT-30. Zilmet managed to accommodate the extra capacity without compromising the unit’s footprint. The FLAT-60 is only 0.8″ taller than the FLAT-30 and it has the same length and width.

If you typically use Amtrol EX-60 tanks for your larger hydronic jobs, you can switch in the FLAT-60 without worry; it’s a drop-in replacement for those models. Zilmet’s flat expansion tanks feature the versatility necessary to tackle almost any hydronic applications regardless of whether you’re using copper or cast iron. The FLAT-60 also works great in radiant heating applications.

Below is a table highlighting the applications and boiler outputs at which the FLAT-60 excels as well as a download link for Zilmet’s updated flat expansion tank literature. The FLAT-60 is available for order at all Able branches.

Zilmet Flat Expansion Tank Brochure

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