What Our Clients Say About Us

On a Saturday, a longtime and very ill customer of mine called me because of their AC went out. I called Greg from Able McHenry on Sunday the next morning and he met me at the branch within an hour and loaded up a condenser. By noon the customer was extremely happy as this was a very hot and humid day. Thanks to Greg and Able for the quick response and thoughtful attitude!

Charlie Sedivec, Cary Grove Heating and Cooling

I've been using Able distributors for years now. I use the McHenry branch and Bob is the person that always helps me. He has always helped me find all the items I need and also points out the ones I might be forgetting about. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in the HVAC industry.

Don Lewis, Lakes Appliance Repair

From the owners to the loading staff their all just helpful and informative when asked or not. They all seem to enjoy their jobs which is why it shows in their performances. Just keep taking care of the customers as you always have and life should be good for all. Thanks again for all your past help. Keep up the great work guys.

Scott Roediger, Scott’s HVAC