The Radiant Pro Panel: A Hydronic Contractor’s Best Friend

The most common hydronic job is a single-zone heat application with a condensing boiler. We see these day in, day out and even the simplest primary/secondary piping job typically requires 20+ individual components and 15+ man hours to complete. It is an intricate, intense process that requires tremendous attention to detail. Or, at least it… continue reading

The Napoleon 8000 Series: Comfort You Can Count On

We’ve been stocking Napoleon’s premium furnaces for two years and the response has been unanimous: they’re everyone’s favorite furnace. From homeowners to contractors to our own employees, everyone has been remarkably impressed by the design, the quality, and the comfort provided by Napoleons 9500, 9600, and Ultimate 9700 Series models. We’ve has such a positive… continue reading

Convenience & Comfort: Napoleon Condo Packs

We’ve been on the Napoleon train for two years now and it is only picking up speed. Contractors and homeowners alike love the Ultimate 9700 and now we’re expanding our catalog to include Napoleon products for a new type of space: multi-family buildings. Napoleon has a robust line of condo packs that have been revised… continue reading

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