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Tag: Ultimate 9700

Napoleon Grill Giveaway – Buy Napoleon Heat Pumps, Get a Free Grill!

Able Distributors and Napoleon are teaming up for the event of the summer­: a grand grill giveaway! Starting on April 22nd and running through July 31st, when you purchase NS18 heat pumps, you’ll earn points toward a free Napoleon grill! Get all the details below! Don’t forget, the NS18 heat pump is the easiest path… continue reading

The Ultimate 9700: A Safer Furnace

Napoleon didn’t expect a pandemic in 2020, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t prepared. Napoleon’s Ultimate 9700 isn’t just the best furnace on the market, it’s also uniquely suited for the extraordinary conditions in which we currently live. Homeshield UV Technology Right now, nothing is more important than air quality. Fortunately, air quality was always… continue reading