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The Ultimate 9700: A Safer Furnace

Napoleon didn’t expect a pandemic in 2020, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t prepared. Napoleon’s Ultimate 9700 isn’t just the best furnace on the market, it’s also uniquely suited for the extraordinary conditions in which we currently live.

Homeshield UV Technology

Right now, nothing is more important than air quality. Fortunately, air quality was always a priority for Napoleon. Breathing easy is an essential aspect of comfort and the Ultimate 9700 is equipped to keep homes clean, happy, and healthy.

The primary weapon in the fight against contaminants is the Homeshield UV Lamp. Ultraviolet light kills pathogens and organisms such as viruses and bacteria and the Homeshield lamp is installed directly in the furnace cabinet, treating and purifying all the air before it’s distributed through your home.

Modular Design

An industry-exclusive integrated air purification system isn’t the only trick up the 9700’s sleeve. These furnaces also feature fully modular heat exchanger and blower compartments. This means that cleaning and maintaining the units is an easy affair. The access provided by this design minimizes the required service time while making it easy for the tech to ensure that your system is running cleanly and efficiently.

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