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Buy an NTI Boiler, Get a $300 Gift Card

From April 1st through June 1st, every time you purchase a qualifying boiler at Able Distributors, you’ll also get a $300 Amazon gift card!

Contractor Rebate Promotion Info

This is pretty much the easiest promotion ever:

    1. Purchase a qualifying boiler.
      • We have a list below with convenient links directly to the models on our webshop.
    2. Able handles all of the paperwork!
      • We track qualifying purchases, collect the necessary data and documents, and submit everything to NTI.
    3. Get your gift card!
      • After the promotion ends, you see your Able salesperson again, either at a branch or on the job, and they have a $300 Amazon gift card for you!

That’s it! All you have to do it buy and wait and we’ll handle the rest!

Please note: there is no limit on redemptions. If you buy a dozen qualifying boilers between April and June, you’ll get $3,600 in gift cards!

Qualifying Boilers:

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