2017 Chicagoland Energy Efficiency Rebates

Here at Able, we’re major proponents of energy efficiency. High-efficiency HVAC equipment can provide significant savings over the lifespan of the units and high-efficiency systems typically provide more consistent comfort than lower efficiency single-stage models. However, these benefits come with an increased upfront cost.

In a perfect world, every homeowner would have the budget to replace their HVAC system should it fail, but we’re not living in a perfect world and HVAC purchases can become necessary at inopportune times.

Luckily, there are ways for you to help your clients improve the efficiency and comfort of their home without breaking the bank. Chicagoland has three energy companies and all of them offer a variety of rebates that help homeowners afford high-efficiency equipment.

Check out the graphic below for a listing of all of the available rebates for Chicago-area homeowners as well as the products in the Able Distributors catalog which qualify for the rebates.

(click to enlarge)

Below are links to each energy provider’s rebate page where you can find information for claiming rebates as well as a download link to a PDF version of the above table.

Northshore Gas Rebate Page | Nicor Rebate Page | ComEd Rebate Page

Download the Able Distributors 2017 Rebate Sheet

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