Introducing intaKlean – Powerful Magnetic Protection

It’s no secret that we love condensing boilers, and we love importing the finest accessories from Europe to complement them. One of the biggest sticking points when it comes to convincing people to upgrade from a standard-efficiency unit to a high-efficiency one isn’t the cost difference but rather the trouble of converting and preparing the rest of the system for the changes in operation.

We’ve done a lot to alleviate this in recent years, from bringing in Fernox products as a straightforward way to clean and protect to sourcing exclusive accessories that cut installation time and provide proper piping to importing the very best expansion tanks from Zilmet. Finally, to close out 2021, we have added two new protection products to the catalog: the Hydrosep from Honeywell–which we already discussed–and the intaKlean2 coming to us from Britain by way of Zilmet.

When we were looking for products that fill a niche exceptionally, the intaKlean 2 magnetic filter stood out for two major reasons: ease of installation and efficacy. As a contractor, your time is your greatest asset, so products designed to integrate easily and work effortlessly are the holy grail.


Adding an intaKlean 2 magnetic filter to a system is truly simple. There are numerous design additions that mean this filter can protect virtually any residential system. First up is the rotating design. This allows for a full 360° of potential installation. Whether your job calls for vertical, horizontal, or even diagonal piping, it’s easy to add the intaKlean. To further simplify the installation process, each unit includes shut-offs on the supply and return.


The intaKlean 2 provides three layers of protection to hydronic systems. First off, it features a manual air vent to allow you to expel trapped air when your service the system. This is a welcome addition and certainly helps protect the system, but the star of the show is the double gauze non-ferrous filter that contains an 11,000-gauss rare earth neodymium magnet.

The dual-pass stainless steel mesh filters capture any non-magnetic debris while the insanely powerful magnet at the center gathers magnetite and other ferrous contaminants. And thanks to the included isolation valves, servicing this unit is a breeze. The magnet can be removed while the system is still live and the filter itself can be removed once the drain valve is opened. If your client isn’t particularly on top of things when it comes to scheduling maintenance, you don’t have to worry, the intaKlean 2’s unique diverter block connection is unblockable so even if the filter isn’t emptied, it won’t reduce performance.

Bottom Line

When you’re installing condensing boilers, the accessories are almost as important and the unit itself. A well-designed, properly piped system with adequate protection will provide consistent, efficient comfort for years and years. The intaKlean 2 magnetic filter is available now at Able Distributors.

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