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Zilmet ZEP-1: Next Generation Thermal Expansion

It’s no secret that we are major proponents of tankless water heating. Unlimited, on-demand hot water is the way of the future and at Able the future is now. Rinnai’s SENSEI and Demand Duo product lines provide tankless options for every application from single-family residential to multi-family to commercial and industrial.

It’s also no secret that we are always on the lookout for new companies and new products that can make life easier for our contractors. There’s nothing we love more than discovering and bringing in a tool or accessory that streamlines installation and makes maintenance a breeze. When we first found Zilmet, flat expansion tanks were what caught our eye but today we are going to be discussing another expansion vessel: the Zilmet ZEP-1.

The ZEP-1 was designed and refined in Europe and it is made for a single purpose: to protect DHW systems with tankless heaters. If the units you’re installing have less than 2 gallons of storage, the ZEP-1 is your new best friend.

If the application requires a backflow preventer, you’re also going to need an expansion tank. That’s where the ZEP-1 comes in. Like tankless water heaters, the ZEP-1 features a small form factor, allowing it to be installed in tight places. With a height of 4.6″ and a diameter of 3.5″, the ZEP-1 can be placed below the isolation kit or on the cold-water line between the heater and check valve. The tank comes pre-charged for 50 psi but it supports pressures up to 150 psi and the air charge can be manually adjusted.

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