Rinnai Demand Duo R-Series – Hybrid Power, Easy Installation

When we first brought on Rinnai, one of the major selling points was their brand-new hybrid water heater, the Demand Duo. These units not only provided the endless hot water of a tankless system, but they also had a massive 1st hour rating and the ability to fulfill multiple demands simultaneously like the best traditional tanks.

Any concern about this strange new water heater design dissipated quickly when it became obvious that not only could the Demand Duo handle the most rigorous commercial applications, but it also excelled in them. There was really only one problem with the unit: venting. The high-efficiency condensing heat exchanger required a direct vent system, something that disqualified the majority of retrofits.

Luckily for Chicago, Rinnai has expanded the Demand Duo lineup with a series of standard efficiency models. These 80% R-Series units utilize a 6″ B vent connector allowing them to slot perfectly into pretty much any existing chimney-vented application.

While the Demand Duo R-Series may not have the efficiency of its progenitor, it still has all the amazing quality of life enhancements you have come to expect from Rinnai. This means that connections—gas and electrical—are pre-assembled and the gas connection features a swivel flex line with two-way rotation. Rinnai also includes an onboard digital Duo Smart controller so no aquastat is needed!

The Demand Duo R-Series is available in two different tank sizes: 80-gallon or 119-gallon. Both models utilize a 199,000 BTU heat exchanger which produces 214 gallons per hour at a temperature rise of 90° F. Of course, it wouldn’t be Rinnai without an exceptional warranty and the R-Series is no different. These bad boys have six years of coverage on the tank, five years on the heat exchanger and parts, and two years of labor if registered. The labor warranty drops to one year if the unit isn’t registered online, so make sure to include that in your installation checklist.

It might be tempting to view this announcement as a few new models in an existing line, but that is a myopic take. The best commercial water heater we have ever seen can now be integrated, easily, into most existing applications. This is a paradigm shift. If you’ve been skeptical about hybrid water heating, now is the time to get on board. Stop by any Able location today to talk Rinnai and learn more about the R-Series can completely revamp your company’s DWH game.

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