Instant ComEd Rebates Are Back!

Last year, Able partnered with ComEd to handle all utility rebates for electric equipment at the point-of-purchase. This program allowed us to distribute a total of $110,000+ in rebates directly from ComEd to our customers, instantly!

In fact, the combination of ComEd rebates + Able Distributors + Bosch inverters worked so well, we decided to double down on our commitment to the product and bring on Bosch ductless mini split systems.

The Bosch IDS condenser was a game changer for Chicago and we are confident that their Climate 5000 ductless lineup will make just as much of an impact. The inverter is the king of efficiency, and Bosch and Able are the Inverter Kings of Chicago. It’s a match made in comfort Heaven.

Now, the crown isn’t just for show. We take comfort and efficiency seriously. These really are the best possible products and we stand behind that 100%. If you any help figuring out how to design or size a Bosch system, Able is here for you. And of course, we’ll make sure you get your rebate right away!

Contractors at Able receive instant, point-of-sale rebates from ComEd on AHRI-listed Bosch heat pump systems. This includes both central split systems and mini splits! When you purchase a qualifying system, the full value of the electrical rebate ($400 to $500!) from ComEd will be applied during checkout, reducing the cost of the system on the spot.

So, instead of:

  1. You buy a qualifying system
  2. You install a qualifying system
  3. You sell the system at a discount anticipating the rebate
  4. You fill out all of the forms
  5. You submit the forms
  6. You wait
  7. You’re finally reimbursed from Step 3

It’s just:

  1. You request a qualifying system at Able
  2. The cost of the system is reduced by the full value of the rebate from ComEd before you pay

That’s right, when you purchase any Bosch central heat pump system (condenser + coil or air handler) or mini split heat pump system (condenser + indoor unit) at Able, ComEd will give you an instantaneous rebate applied directly to the cost of the system while you check out. This means that you can price Bosch systems lower without any extra work on your part.

Able is beyond thrilled to be working directly with ComEd to make life easier for contractors and more comfortable for their clients. Keep reading to get a better idea of all of the benefits that this new system confers.

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