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Napoleon Manufacturing: The Coolest Air Conditioners

Welcome to the final entry in our series of blog posts introducing Napoleon Manufacturing and their products. Today, we’ll be exploring their air-conditioning condensers and condo packs. Be sure to check out our previous posts on the history of Napoleon and their furnaces if you haven’t already.

The A/C Lineup

Napoleon offers a full complement of 13, 14, and 16 SEER condensers as well as a selection of side-discharge models. While their cooling equipment doesn’t quite match up to their furnaces in terms of aesthetics, they are still Napoleon products, which means you can expect top-flight craftsmanship and intelligent design decisions.

Their standard top-discharge models share a feature list across all efficiencies with the only difference being that the 16 SEER models are physically larger than the 13 and 14 SEER units. As with Napoleon furnaces, there is a litany of features that benefits both contractors and homeowners, so let’s jump right in!

Starting off, swept fan blade technology decreases the operational noise levels of the units while delivering improved airflow at a higher efficiency. The contoured fan blades are constructed from aluminum with a plated steel hub to provide years of reliable cooling. Napoleon also includes a venturi in the housing to push airflow efficiency even higher.

All-aluminum micro-channel coils are the gold standard when it comes to condenser coils, so that’s what Napoleon uses. Aluminum delivers exceptional efficiency and it’s more durable than copper. The microchannel design simultaneously increases the surface area of the coil, another efficiency booster, and decreases the overall size of the condenser.

For the compressor, Napoleon went with time-tested Copeland Scroll models. Copeland scroll compressors are an industry leader used in numerous top brands. They provide reliable, quiet, and efficient operation. As an added bonus, these compressors have integral protections against damaging temperature and pressure levels. A PSC fan motor means that homeowners can expect quiet, reliable comfort with a quick start-up time.

An easily-accessible motor assembly is located at the top of the unit. The service valves and refrigerant hookups are on the outside of the cabinet and the electrical connections are just behind a removable service panel. All of these design elements improve the speed and ease of installation and service and maintenance calls.

Side Discharge Air Conditioners

Roof installations aren’t always an option and buildings in Chicago can have precious little free space for condensers. So, what is a contractor to do for cooling in these situations? Turn to a Napoleon side discharge air-conditioning condenser, of course! These units are designed for tight quarters. If your customer has an application where the outdoor space is limited, they can still enjoy 13 SEER central cooling from a reliable Napoleon product!

The narrow design makes it easy to install these units anywhere. These units are only 11.22” to 13.78” deep. A side discharge means less wind turbulence which, in turn, means less operational noise than similarly-sized top discharge models.

Between the slim cabinet and the quiet design, these units are perfect for the cramped installation spaces typically associated with multifamily buildings. The side discharge design also inhibits debris from entering the unit, making maintenance visits a breeze. The 1-2.5 ton models sport a rotary compressor while the three-ton model has a scroll compressor.

Condo Packs*

Another Napoleon option for multifamily installations is their condo pack line. These self-contained heating and cooling units are a perfect all-in-one solution for apartments and similar spaces. Napoleon condo packs combine electric cooling with either gas or hydronic heating.

Both lines enjoy a relatively small footprint for a packaged unit: 44-⅞” H x 28-⅞” W x 32” D. Napoleon utilizes a micro-channel design on both the evaporator and condenser coils and a Copeland scroll compressor for high-efficiency cooling. An Endura Pro ECM motor is paired with a dual inlet blower for high-efficiency, high-volume airflow at incredibly low noise levels.

These units are all pre-wired and pre-charged and they feature rail-mounted thermostat terminals, making installation a breeze. Servicing is just as easy thanks the dual slide-out chassis, which allows you to remove and service the heating & cooling modules. All parts are accessible from indoors and the control harnesses feature modular disconnects.

The only real difference between the models is the heating module. The hydronic models utilize a hot water coil while the gas models feature a condensing furnace module. These condensing furnace models have a thermal efficiency of 90% and their AFUE ranges from 90.6% all the way up to 96.8%, just as efficient as the Ultimate 9700 Series.

A Final Word

Here at Able Distributors, we are all really, really excited to be bringing Napoleon equipment to Chicagoland. Between the amazing innovations and the superlative build quality, we truly believe that Napoleon will be an important voice in home comfort conversation for decades to come.If you want to get in on the ground floor of Napoleon in Chicagoland, contact Bill O’Brien to set up a discussion about becoming a dealer or stop by our Napoleon page, click “Become a Napoleon Dealer,” and fill out the form!

*14 SEER standard condensers & condo packs are non-stock items, but we are glad to special order them for your projects!

Napoleon Air-Conditioning Brochure | Napoleon Condo Pack Brochure

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