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More Reasons to Love Napoleon Equipment

Recently, Able Distributors had the opportunity to pick the brains of Randy Helmke and Brian Walker of Napoleon Manufacturing. This conversation included a number of facts and tidbits about Napoleon products that didn’t make it into our recent blog posts. We’ve collected this info and combined it into a bonus blog post, presented below. Be sure to stop back tomorrow as well, we have another bonus blog post in the works that will cover the amazing consumer financing options we’ve lined up for Napoleon equipment.


  • The clear condensate collector box features a new plastic resin and it is designed to prevent any water from entering the collector. This precludes the issues typical with previous manufacturers’ clear collectors.
    • The clear collector and the condensate trap and manufactured by the same company, ensuring synergy between the parts and maximum protection for the equipment.
    • A unique no-kink hose is used for the collector hookup.
  • Napoleon furnaces employ a Fasco inducer with ball-bearings. This design was chosen for its longevity and ability to reduce noise levels.
    • The inducer in a Napoleon furnace only has three screws, making it easy to reposition or remove during service. These screws are hand screw only!
    • The premium inducer is emblematic of Napoleon’s design philosophy: quality above all. Their engineers actually have instructions to increase the amount of money that Napoleon is investing into their products in a time when most manufacturers are doing the opposite. Wolfgang, Napoleon’s founder, wants to build equipment that people aspire to own.
  • The cabinet of the Ultimate 9700 Series has the same footprint as their other furnaces, the insulated door is the only difference in depth.
  • Beckett consulted with Napoleon on the design of their tubular heat exchanger.
    • By integrating the turbulator into the construction of the heat exchanger, it removes the need for internal components that increase noise during operation.
    • The aluminized heat exchanger used in the 9600 Series and below is 580,000 cycles deep into a stress test. This is the equivalent of 63 years’ worth of calls for heat. The igniter and counter are the only parts that have required replacement.
  • The SureView Burner System window is made from the same tempered glass as Napoleon’s premium fireplace doors.
  • Napoleon furnaces use pins instead of switches for setting the CFM. This gives the installer greater flexibility and the homeowner gets more consistent comfort. There is even a tap for adding or subtracting 15% from the selected value.
  • Every Napoleon furnaceĀ includes a vent filler that can be applied in any position, drain hoses with improved fittings and an automotive grade clamp, and a condensate trap with an iron pipe adapter.
  • The UV light in the cabinet of the Ultimate 9700 Series lasts about 9,000 hours (one year). No other furnace has that guaranteed annual service call.

Condo Packs

  • Napoleon condo packs are designed specifically to replace aging Magic-Paks
    • The dimensions and hookup locations are the same, and you can even use an existing wall sleeve provided it is in good condition.
    • Between the handholds on the cabinet and the removable modules, it’s easy to get a Napoleon condo pack to any installation location.
    • Furnace modules have a 20-year heat exchanger limited warranty and a 10-year module replacement limited warranty.


  • Napoleon AC condensers feature steel fan blades to reduce vibrational noise.
    • Napoleon’s 13 SEER models are as quiet as competitors’ 16 SEER models. Inverter-driven 20+ SEER models are the only central cooling equipment that can cool quieter than Napoleon.
    • Discharge harmonics are the only appreciable condenser noise from a Napoleon unit.
  • One of the best things about Napoleon condensers is their small footprint. 24″ x 24″ and 30″ x 30″ units are easy to transport to the job site!
  • Napoleon condenser coils feature parallel flow tubes.
  • The Napoleon air conditioning lineup is AHRI-rated for use with Aspen coils. We’ve added 18 new Aspen coils to our catalog to make it as easy as possible for you to quote and sell Napoleon split systems.

Don’t forget to stop back tomorrow for our bonus blog on consumer financing and Napoleon equipment!

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