Napoleon’s New Condensers

The dog days of summer are in full swing and staying cool is more important than ever. You have a lot of options when it comes to cooling but today, we will be talking about an impressive update to Able’s mid-efficiency AC condenser line: The Napoleon NT13.

New Now in Revision C

The primary change in this revision comes from the compressor and affects one of the most important specifications from a homeowner’s perspective: sound levels. Napoleon’s updated compressor system is significantly quieter than previous models.

Power and efficiency are obviously the big guns when it comes to evaluating a condenser. An air conditioner is only as good as the comfort it provides, right? But after those specs, decibel level is probably the one that has the highest impact on day-to-day quality of life. A quiet home is a peaceful home and that is much easier to achieve with an NT13 Rev. C condenser.

In testing with the previous generation of condensers, Napoleon’s new models consistently performed at 2 to 5 decibels lower than their predecessors. For reference, a 3dB reduction basically cuts the perceived sound levels in half. So, 2-5 decibels might not sound like a lot when you’re going from 62 to 59 but that’s a 50% reduction.

This new compressor system does come with other difference: it lacks an internal pressure equalization device. For systems with a flowrator or an orifice, you can just install as normal. For systems with a TXV, you will need to include a hard start kit. Luckily, Napoleon will be providing complimentary hard start capacitors for units manufactured in 2020.

Staying the Same

Change can be scary, sometimes it can be comforting to know that things are staying the same. Napoleon is indulging that comfort by maintaining their existing pricing for these models. So your customers will be improved performance and a quieter home without any change to your cost.

Upcoming Changes + Models

As of right now, Napoleon is producing Revision C units in the following sizes:

  • 1.5-Ton – N90-NT13A018C
  • 2.0-Ton – N90-NT13A024C
  • 2.5-Ton – N90-NT13A030C

The three-ton and three-and-a-half-ton models are expected to be released later in the year. We will share more information on those with you as we get it.

In addition to expanding the line, Napoleon is also working on rating these units with different coils to reduce installation costs. More information of these ratings will be shared as soon as it is available.

The Bottom Line

Napoleon condensers are now 50% quieter and their price hasn’t changed. In the near future, it will actually be cheaper to install these than the previous Revision. Napoleon just keeps getting better.

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