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Maytag Means Comfort & Convenience

Maytag has been a flagship brand at Able Distributors for years. Their forced air products are among the most advanced in the world and they’ve been in the premium HVAC equipment game long enough to pick up a few tricks. One Maytag design sensibility that sticks out is their dedication to full-featured products; there’s a lot of parity between Maytag’s product lines and that’s a good thing for both contractors and their customers. Let’s look at Maytag’s offerings from the split air conditioning condenser and gas-fired furnace categories.

Maytag Air Conditioners


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The first thing that jumps out when looking at that chart is the fact that every Maytag model from the most basic 13 SEER unit to their 20 SEER monster shares the same durable, corrosion-resistant all-aluminum coil. This ensures efficient heat transfer and exceptional longevity at every price level. Another trait that all Maytag condensers share is their accessibility. Maytag doesn’t play favorites; if you’re selling their product, you’re guaranteed a good installation experience.

The primary difference between these units is in the efficiency. Maytag air conditioners cover a wide range of efficiency ratings, but Maytag still made sure to offer multiple options at every level. If your customers don’t need a high-efficiency option but they still want a premium package, you can go with the PSA4BD or PSA4BE product lines. If they want to get a great SEER rating but don’t care about condenser noise or CoreSense compressor protection, there are the MSA4BF and MSA6BF lines.

As you can see, Maytag has fostered on of the best product balances you’ll find in the industry. The important features are common across every price level and there are enough options that it is easy to find a line that fits your customer’s application perfectly.

Maytag Furnaces


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Just like with their cooling equipment, Maytag furnaces are designed around equality. Every model includes a lowboy cabinet, color-coded wiring harness, and diagnostic display capabilities. Maytag also went with a uniform heat exchanger across their product lines: tubular design, aluminized steel construction. As with the all-aluminum microchannel coils in the condensers, this design is excellent when it comes to durability and efficiency. All models also feature SmartStart ignition and sound insulation. These upgrades improve reliability and reduce noise levels, welcome enhancements in any application.

Again, the efficiency rating is the primary difference between product lines, with the condensing models sporting a stainless steel secondary heat exchanger. Most models also include an iSEER blower that reduces electrical consumption year round and insulation against air leakage.

Maytag - Heating & Cooling Licensed Partner

Maytag’s product design philosophy benefits both contractors and homeowners. Their equipment is of a superior quality across the board and they do everything possible to ensure that the differences between product lines come down to a matter of personal preference. Their higher-end models include features that are extremely nice, but inessential. They reward customers who buy top shelf without punishing those that opt for entry level. That’s the kind of thoughtful product design that we love to see at Able!

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