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The Best Hydronic Components Courtesy of Calefactio

Calefactio makes hydronic accessories that are more affordable and more useful than anything you’ve ever seen.


Fujitsu Elite Contractor Program 2017

Fujitsu has just updated their Elite Contractor program for 2017 and it includes exciting, new benefits and an easier path to Elite status. Check out all of the details below or grab the official documents at the bottom of this post! Qualifying To become an Elite Contractor for Fujitsu, you’ll need to satisfy two prerequisites: Achieve… continue reading


Big Boilers, Small Zones

High-efficiency boilers like NTI’s Tft models are seeing more use in retrofit applications than ever before. This is great; a properly installed condensing boiler can cut energy use without compromising comfort and improve the reliability of a home’s heating system. On the surface, these models seem like the perfect fit out of the box, but… continue reading

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