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Get Familiar with NTI’s Trinity Tx Boilers and Combi Boilers!

There’s a lot to love about the Trinity Tx, but the headline features are a 94% AFUE rating and an 8:1 turndown ratio. Between the high efficiency rating and the exceptional modulation, your customers will be paying less for heating and using less heating, allowing them to double down on the savings.


Able Now Stocking Mammoth Rooftops

Able Distributors is proud to be adding four different lines of gas/electric packaged rooftop units from Nortek’s Mammoth brand to our catalog. With sizes ranging from 2 tons of cooling & 72,000 BTU of heating all the way up to 15 tons & 315,000 BTU, there is a Mammoth option for nearly any residential or light commercial application.


Forced Air Rebates

Oftentimes homeowners are amenable to the idea of energy–efficient equipment that can save them money in the long term, but wary of the higher upfront cost. Learn how equipment rebates can help make the sale.

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