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Zoning Made Easy with Caleffi

Zoning a hydronic or steam system is one of the best ways to improve the efficiency of the system. By allowing you to ensure that heated or chilled water is only being distributed to rooms that require it, a zoned system reduces the amount of energy used without compromising the comfort provided. When we’re asked about our preference in zoning devices, one company inevitably comes up: Caleffi. We’ve covered the advantages of Caleffi manifolds in this blog in the past, but today we’ll be tackling their Z-one Z5 Series 2-Way Zone Valves, Z-one ZVR Series Switching Valve Controls, and Z-one ZSR Series Switching Pump Relays.

Z5 Series 2-Way Zone Valves

Caleffi’s Z5 Series of zone valves combine a Z151000 actuator with a screw terminal connection and a Z2 valve body featuring a sweat connection. The featured actuator is a two-position normally closed model with an auxiliary micro-switch. This spring return actuator also includes an end-mounted push button, which expedites and simplifies the installation process.

Z5 valves are usable in a variety of different systems. They are compatible with both hot and chilled water, both open and closed systems, and even low-pressure steam applications. Whether you’re looking to zone a radiant system, a fan coil, or individual baseboards, a Z5 can handle the task. These valves are also designed to withstand both high temperatures and high pressures, it can be used with water temperatures up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit and supports close-off pressures up to 75 PSI.

ZVR Series Switching Valve Controls

ZVR zone valve relays are designed to make zoning with Z5 valves easy. Caleffi stands by the interconnectivity of their products so greatly that, when ZVR controls and Z5 valves are installed together, their warranties are extended to five years from three and two, respectively.

ZVR relays can be installed with low-voltage thermostats featuring two to four wires or other low-voltage controllers with a switching action. In addition to managing zone valves, ZVR controllers also feature three pump outputs for a system pump, and secondary pump, and a DHW primary pump.

Caleffi’s ZVR zone valve relays also include a zone priority function with a one-hour timeout and LED indicators for quick troubleshooting.

ZSR Series Switching Pump Relays

Like the ZVR valve relays, these pump relays are compatible with all low-voltage thermostats featuring two to four wires and low-voltage controllers with a switching action. They also feature an additional output for a primary pump, zone priority, and LED lights to aid in troubleshooting.

When it comes to designing and improving hydronic systems, Caleffi’s lineup of zoning products is a must-have. Their products are reliable, easy to install, and easy to service. If you have any questions on Caleffi zoning or you’d like to place an order, just contact your local Able Distributors branch and they’ll be happy to help!

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