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HeatWeave: Heated Flooring for Any Home

Initially, heated flooring was only available to those with complex hydronic systems and deep pockets, but the advent of electric floor-heating solutions has made this a luxury that anyone can afford with minimal renovation. One of the industry leaders in electric underfloor heating is Watts Radiant. Their HeatWeave lineup of electric under floor solutions are easy to incorporate into nearly any application and come with a full warranty for the first 10 years following installation and a prorated warranty for the following 15 years, giving your customers 25 years of warranty protection. To learn more about Watts Radiant can help you diversify your product base and create new business, just read on!

HeatWeave WarmWire

WarmWire is the core of any HeatWeave project. It is compatible with a number of substrates and flooring types and supports wet applications when used beneath tile or stone. By designing a system with WarmWire, you can easily customize the layout to ensure full coverage while keeping the price down. We’ll touch on another custom solution a bit later in the blog, but if you have clients who only care about the bottom line, combining a roll of WarmWire with HeatWeave CableStraps or a underlayment designed specifically for heating wire is a great way to deliver electric under floor heating on a budget.

Now if you don’t want the hassle of laying out the wiring yourself, there are plenty of HeatWeave options that take care of that…

The HeatWeave TapeMat Lineup

The HeatWeave TapeMat is a premeasured, prewired underfloor mat with double-sided tape for installation. The mat is made from an open-weave mesh that bonds with mortar quickly and easily. The TapeMat is the centerpiece of Watts Radiant’s HeatWeave product line, and it will be the perfect electric floor heating solution in the majority of applications.

There are 120V and 240V versions. The 120V mat is available in two-foot wide sizes ranging from 10 square feet to 100 square feet and three-foot wide sizes ranging from 15 square feet to 60 square feet. Two-foot 240V sizes stretch from 20 square feet to 200 square feet and 240V three-foot wide models can be found in 30 to 120 square feet.

Watts Radiant also supports unique applications through their Custom TapeMat. Unlike the standard TapeMat, Custom TapeMats are cut at the factory to fit distinctive flooring layouts. If you’re working in a non-rectangular space, the Custom TapeMat is the quickest and easiest path to underfloor heating. Like standard TapeMats, Custom TapeMats are available in both 120V and 240V models.

If your client is looking to add underfloor heating without tearing up their floor, don’t fret! There is a HeatWeave mat designed just for that application. The UnderFloor Mat simply requires access to the target floor from beneath and it works with every type of flooring. Simply install it between the joists and it will provide heating through the floor.

The final entry in the TapeMat line is the Watts Radiant ShowerMat. While, standard TapeMats are perfectly safe to use in shower applications, the ShowerMat adds a 4″ x 4″ central cutout to accommodate the drain, which streamlines the installation process with compromising the heating coverage. ShowerMats are available for shower bases sized 36″ x 60″ and 48″ x 48″.

The Add-Ons

WarmWire and TapeMats are obviously the headliners when it comes to HeatWeave, but there are additional products designed specifically for the HeatWeave floor heating ecosystem.

There are two primary accessories designed for use during installation. First are CableStraps. These are used to affix WarmWire when a TapeMat or underlayment is not being used. Next is the LoudMouth monitor. The LoudMouth monitor is connected to the WarmWire leads during installation. It monitors the heating elements for damage or unsafe conditions and audibly alerts the installer if an issue arises.

When it comes to controlling a HeatWeave system, users have plenty of options in the SunStat product line. SunStats are thermostats designed specifically for underfloor heating applications. The SunStat Command and SunStat Connect are premier models, featuring a color touchscreen display and 7-day programmability. The SunStat Connect also includes Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to activate their HeatWeave system from their phone while they are still in bed or on the way home from work. The SunStat View and SunStat Pro II are 7-day and 5-2 programmable models, respectively. Both of these thermostats are equipped with SmartStart technology that ensures your client’s heated floor is the perfect temperature at the right time. All of these SunStat thermostats may be used with SunStat relays, allowing for easy centralized control of larger systems.

When it comes to accessibility, ease of installation, and quality, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better electric under floor heating system than HeatWeave. With electric floor-heating solutions for everything from tricky floor plans to whole home systems to no-renovation jobs, there is a way for any space to enjoy a heated floor courtesy of HeatWeave.

HeatWeave Electric Floor-Heating Brochure

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