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Introducing The NTI Lx Condensing Boiler

Here at Able, we are ardent believers in the fact that NTI makes the best boilers on the planet. Their commitment to creating reliable, efficient hydronic equipment is second to none. The NTI formula for success is simple: start with quality, build in value, and always stand behind the products. That is why it is with great pride that we announce that NTI’s Lx line of condensing boilers has been added to our catalog and that we will be stocking the Lx150 and Lx200. If that alone is not enough to get you excited, just keep reading to learn why the Lx is great and in which applications it excels.


The Lx is a bit of a chameleon, it seamlessly fits into a wide variety of applications. Here at Able, we feel it shines brightest as a top-of-the-line retrofit boiler. All Lx boilers include either integrated or field-installed legs. This makes them the perfect choice for households looking to replace older cast iron or floor-standing boilers with one that can reduce their gas bills. If wall-mounting simply isn’t an option or you want to adapt to the existing water, gas, and electrical piping to save the time and labor of re-locating the boiler, then the Lx is what you need. 400,000 BTU and below models also include wall mounting brackets, which means they can still be used in applications where the client is looking to free up some floor space.

Energy Savings

As with all NTI boilers, the Lx is designed from the ground up to reduce energy consumption while still delivering superlative comfort. The Lx150 and Lx200 each sport a 93.5% AFUE rating and the Lx300 has a 93.7%. All of the commercial size models have a thermal efficiency rating of 95%. Each Lx boiler contains an ASME-certified 316L stainless steel heat exchanger. Stainless steel strikes the perfect balance between thermal conductivity and durability, giving your customers years of high-efficiency comfort. An advanced heat exchanger isn’t the only component that helps your clients save, Lx boilers also include a modulating gas valve with an 8:1 turndown ratio. With such a wide range of gas flow rates, the Lx can adjust its output to provide consistent comfort through shifting conditions while preventing short-cycling.


Efficiency is the first thing people think of when they hear the name NTI and reliability is not that far behind. NTI knows that producing a powerful, efficient product doesn’t mean anything if people can’t count on it. That’s why they place such a premium on durability and longevity. The Lx is no different. It features a thick outer cabinet and a factory-installed condensate trap to ensure that the interior is protected. If a problem does arise, the large color touchscreen provides troubleshooting and diagnostic information and, of course, the boiler will be covered by NTI’s exceptional warranty.

The next time you are looking for a hot water heating solution, look no further than NTI boilers and Able Distributors.

NTI Lx Sales Brochure

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