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Rinnai TRX02 – The Future of Commercial Water Heating

If you have installed a Demand Duo, you know that Rinnai is at the forefront of commercial water heating. Their solutions are effective, efficient, and elegant, and the TRX02 lives up to those expectations and more. Officially, the TRX02CUiN is a commercial tankless water heater wall-mount rack system. That is quite a mouthful but the product itself is beautifully simple.

The TRX02 is a pair of Rinnai’s classic CU199 tankless models, racked and ready for installation. This product is all about convenience and what’s more convenient that saving an entire afternoon? That’s right, a TRX02 should take ~5 hours off the average commercial water heating job. Everything is pre-wired and pre-plumbed, and you can common vent both water heaters–with one of these bad boys, a job’s material list can be shrunken from a legal pad to a post-it note.

While speed is the main selling point, size is not far behind. These units can easily fit into unconventional mechanical rooms. The TRX02 is only 14″ deep and the width and height are both less than 40″. This is 400,000 BTU of pure power–capable of cranking out 15 gallons per minute at a 100°F rise—and it takes up less space than the average television. That is simply unheard of. In addition to the raw power, the efficiency also merits a mention. The TRX02 provides 97% efficient water heating and it can modulate the output from 400,000 all the way down to 15,000 BTU.

If installation speed and saving space aren’t enough to seal the deal, the TRX02 does offer one final benefit: redundancy. Being forced to close unexpectedly is one of the greatest fears for businesses but the Rinnai TRX02 provides peace of mind. Since a TRX02 contains two individual units, if one requires service, the other can continue to provide hot water in the interim. So, bottom line, the TRX02 is designed from the ground up to provide comprehensive commercial water heating. it is powerful, efficient, and easy to install. Available now at Able Distributors.

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