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Next-Generation Steam Humidification by Condair

IAQ is often a win-win from an HVAC perspective. It improves the contractor’s bottom line, and it improves the quality of comfort for the homeowner. However, it is also frequently viewed as more hassle than it’s worth on the installation side and as an expensive upsell on the end user side. Ideally, there would be a product that is both cheaper and more convenient, but that’s just a pipedream, right?


Able Distributors is thrilled to announce that we are now stocking the brand-new Condair HumiLife RH Series steam humidifier. Condair has been a cornerstone of IAQ for seven decades(!) but until now they have not made their products available to distribution. The HumiLife RH Series is their latest residential product and they have opened this new sales channel to make sure that the most people possible can benefit.

So, what exactly sets this unit apart from other steam humidifiers? Two major features:

  1. Easy Cylinder Replacement – Condair developed a unique locking mechanism that makes cylinder replacement a snap. Literally, all you need to do is snap the new cannister in place. No tools. No headaches.
  2. Advanced Algorithm – The RH Series employs an algorithm to manage the cylinder. This advanced program automatically adapts to low cylinder conditions and makes intelligent runtime decisions to prolong operation without compromising comfort.

One of the recurring complaints we heard about prior steam humidification options is that they tended to run dry quickly. This meant inconsistent comfort and additional service calls, neither of which homeowners like. The algorithm directly addresses that issue, and the improved cylinder replacement process is just icing on the cake for contractors.

These new features are the most eye-catching aspect of the HumiLife RH Series, but they’re hardly the only advantage. Another area in which these units excel is the footprint; each humidifier clocks in at 18.4” H x 10.4” W and 6.9” D making it easy to find a spot for one in any home.

In low voltage applications, these provide up 11 gallons per day and that doubles to 22 when used with a 240v source. They also include wi-fi connectivity and an app that features remote control and monitoring. All of that PLUS a five-year warranty and at a price that competes with every brand on the market.

If you haven’t been pushing IAQ, now if the perfect time to switch things up. If you have been, you’ll definitely want to jump on this. Condair steam humidifiers are now available at all Able branches as well as online.

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