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Napoleon Grill Raffle Winner + A New Rinnai Promotion

We have two pieces of exciting news to share today so we’ll just get right to it!

You probably remember when we launched our new webshop last year. There was a big party; several emails; and, most relevant to us today, a raffle for a brand new Napoleon grill. We are thrilled to announce that this raffle was won by Williams Stoker Heating!

Stoker is one of the most tenured contractors in the Chicagoland area with over 66 years of experience! There aren’t very many installers who have been around longer than Able so we are thrilled to celebrate another pillar of Chicago HVAC.

And if you haven’t stopped by our webstore recently, now is the perfect time to check it out again!

Since the launch last Fall, our site has been upgraded both in terms of speed and organization. So not only do pages load faster now, it is even easier to find what you are looking for! Valves and fittings now each have their own categories which are broken down by function and equipped with filters, making it easy to quickly find whatever you are looking for.

Keep an eye on the webstore for new products and be sure to let us know how we can make your experience better!

While we don’t have another raffle to announce at this time, we do have an exciting promotion involving one of our most popular product lines: Rinnai!

Specifically, Rinnai’s Demand Duo product line is currently enjoying a $200 rebate on every model purchased between November 1st, 2022 and March 31st, 2023. That’s right, you still have two months to cash in on this AND any models you purchased in the last three months qualify!

The following models all qualify for this rebate:




Below is a link to the flyer which has QR links to the claim pages or you can use the following links:

Rinnai Demand Duo Rebate Flyer

Rinnai In-Network PRO Members Rebate Claim

Rinnai Out-of-Network Installers – You will need to create a Rinnai Rebates account.

In-Network PROs will also receive DOUBLE points for the Rinnai Rewards program, so if you aren’t a member yet, you should really think about registering!

Once you have an account set up, just submit the info for each qualifying model purchased and you’ll receive a Mastercard gift card in the mail!

If you need any info on past purchases such as receipts or serial numbers, just ask your salesperson for help!

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