iWave Kills Coronavirus

We’ve covered how Nu-Calgon products can help keep homes safe before and now we’re back with even more info! Nu-Calgon recently sought lab testing of the innovative and proprietary needle point bi-polar ionization (NPBI) technology that drives iWave air purifiers. Specifically, they wanted to test the efficacy of NPBI on strains of the coronavirus.

The test results are in and it’s 2-0 in favor of the iWave. NPBI caused a 90%+ drop in reactivity in tests performed by two separate, accredited laboratories. This is positive proof that Nu-Calgon’s iWave air purifiers can kill the coronavirus in HVAC systems.

A download link for the flyer is below if you want a copy to show to homeowners. Additionally, all four Able branches will be stocked with the stickers pictured below for homes and businesses that want to ensure peace of mind for their guests, just ask for them the next time you buy an iWave!

Nu-Calgon iWave Coronavirus Lab Testing Flyer


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