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Rebate Updates | New Programs + New Products

Summer is almost here, and we have the details on a new program from a major utility provider as well as all the info you need to maximize the rebate returns on new equipment from NTI, Bosch, and Napoleon!

Nicor Residential Furnace Bonus

This summer, Nicor is offering supersized rebates for high-efficiency furnaces!

From June 1st, 2020 through September 30th, 2020, all 95%+ AFUE furnaces qualify for an additional $50 on top of the existing rebate. This comes out to:

97%+ AFUE: $225 base + $50 bonus = $275 Total Rebate
95-97% AFUE: $200 base + $50 bonus = $250 Total Rebate

To claim the enhanced rebate, just use the standard form available here during the promotion period.

Rebate Info for New Products

In the last month, we have added Bosch’s IDS 2.0 condensers and air handlers, NTI TRX boilers and combi boilers, and Napoleon’s latest revision of 13 SEER AC condensers. Below, we break down how much your homeowners can expect to get back when they upgrade.

Bosch IDS 2.0 – 16 to 20.5 SEER | 9.5 to 10.5 HSPF

When it comes to IDS 2.0 system rebates, there is good news and there is great news. The good news is that no matter how you configure it, an IDS 2.0 condenser paired with a Bosch coil will qualify for a $350 rebate. Now, for the great news: when you combine an IDS2.0 condenser and air handler, it upgrades the rebate by $100 to $200.

16 to 18 SEER Systems: $350
18+ SEER Systems: $450
Upgrading to ECM Blower: +$100

The air handler bonus only applies if the home’s previous blower was not an ECM, but regardless an IDS 2.0 system will net your client a nice check from ComEd.

ComEd Rebate Application

Napoleon NT13 AC Condensers – 13 SEER

While these models do not qualify for any rebates on their own, they are an excellent cooling option for homes on a budget.

If a smart thermostat is installed with one of these units, ComEd will provide a $75 rebate. They also qualify for a $25 tune up rebate every three years.

NTI TRX Boilers – 95.0% to 96.0% AFUE

NTI’s new cutting-edge new series sits at the pinnacle of efficiency, qualifying for the largest rebates from both gas providers.

Nicor: $350
People’s Gas (Hydronic Model): $350
People’s Gas (Combi Model): $500

No matter which model you’re installing and who the utility provider is, an NTI TRX boiler will get your customer a minimum of $350 in rebates, with People’s upping it to an even $500 for model with integrated DHW.

Nicor Rebate Application
People’s Gas Rebate Application

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