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Fighting COVID-19 in Our Community

While social distancing is the best way for most people to flatten the curve and curb the spread of COVID-19, contractors do have some tools that can help any home stay safer and cleaner. Today, we’re going to be two Nu-Calgon products that can help in these trying times.


Evap-Fresh, Nu-Calgon’s no rinse coil cleaner, is the perfect ally in the fight against infection. Evap-Fresh is certified to kill 99.9% of bacteria and it has been proven effective against viruses similar to COVID-19 in the past.

COVID-19 is technically a disease that is brought on by exposure to the virus SARS-COV-2. This virus existed prior to 2020 and there are proven methods for fighting it. Evap-Fresh has been certified by the EPA as a Registered Antimicrobial Products for use against SARS-COV-2, so your customers can have peace of mind that their HVAC system has been treated with solution that has been proven to be effective.

One of the benefits of Evap-Fresh is that, in addition to being a “no rinse” disinfectant, it also does not require scrubbing. That’s right, all you have to do is spray, wait, and dry!

Nu-Calgon has shared that Evap-Fresh may be used on any hard, non-porous surface.


While the iWave family of air purifiers does not have the EPA stamp of approval, it does have a proven track record. Since adding the iWave-R to our catalog, we have received nothing but praise from contractors. Between the efficacy and ease-of-installation, this air purifier is a must-have for any home and only becomes more important in larger households.

In independent lab tests, iWave air purifiers have been proven to reduce the number of harmful particulates in the environment. This benefit applies to both the air circulating the home as well as the surfaces.

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