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Fujitsu LZAH1 Series – High Performance Heating

When it comes to constant improvement, it’s hard to find a more dedicated company than Fujitsu. It seems like every year they are debuting upgrades and brand-new products. This year, they are making their best better with upgrades to their premium single-zone wall-mounted XLTH mini split line.

Major Efficiency

LZAH1 systems provide some of the most efficient comfort available from a mini split. The combination of an inverter-driven compressor and an improved fan design featuring a high-efficiency motor gives these units SEER ratings ranging from 25 to over 33!

If your client is upgrading from an entry-level mini split system to the LZAH1 line, they could see an increase in energy savings of up to 30%. The LZAH1 Series also includes Fujitsu’s tremendous ESP (Energy Saving Program) function. This feature utilizes an occupancy sensor to reduce energy use when no one is in the zone.

The XLTH Difference

The LZAH1 Series is a direct replacement for the RLS3YH Series. Both lines are a part of Fujitsu’s XLTH (Extra Low Temperature Heating) line. This means that the LZAH1 is equipped to handle everything that a Chicago winter has to offer. Specifically, they can provide 100% of their rated capacity at temperatures as low as -15°F.

Fujitsu accomplishes this feat through clever design and engineering. First, to ensure that heating capacity is maintained, they enlarged the heat exchanger and compressor. After that, they looked at the outdoor unit cabinet. By integrating a base pan heater and drainage system directly into the condenser, Fujitsu prevents efficiency-robbing frozen condensate from building up. This is complemented by a metal fan guard which offers enhanced protection form the environment.

Everything Else

An insanely efficient mini split that can run in subzero temperatures would be enough for most companies; Fujitsu is not most companies. In addition to making these units more efficient than their predecessors, Fujitsu also managed to shrink the indoor units by 1-3/16″.

Finally, you’ll never be at a loss for control with an LZAH1 system. They include a wireless remote control in the box. They also feature integrated wi-fi, allowing the homeowner to use their smartphone or tablet to control their comfort. Finally, with the addition of an UTY-TTRX Third Party Thermostat Converter (sold separately but easy to install!) you can use any smart thermostat to control your Fujitsu system.

To learn more about Fujitsu’s LZAH1 mini splits, check out this flyer! Then stop by any Able branch to place your order.

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