Bosch + Unico: Better Than Ever

It’s no secret that we love Bosch. It’s also well established that we regard Unico as the best option for small-duct high-velocity applications. In the past, we’ve even discussed how perfectly the two brands pair together. With Bosch’s updated IDS 2.0 condensers, there is even more to love about the Bosch + Unico combination!

A Better Bosch

Four years ago, Bosch introduced a game-changing heat pump condenser that provided inverter efficiency without any fussy control requirements. While anything might seem underwhelming after such a seismic product, Bosch has managed to make significant improvements to equipment that was already cutting edge.

A Bosch IDS condenser was already the best way to bring extremely efficient comfort to a Unico home, but that’s gotten even better. The new IDS 2.0 condensers clock in at a SEER rating of 16 to 20.5 which is ~2 SEER higher than a model from the previous generation.

In addition to increased efficiency, this new generation of Bosch condensers has a few other tricks up its sleeve. For instance, a 1.0 model’s cooling cut out at 40°F and the heating at 5°F. With an IDS 2.0 condenser, cooling is available down to 5°F and heating is good to go in conditions as cold as -4°F. To make installation easier, Bosch extended the maximum lineset length to 150’—a 50% increase!

You might be thinking that, to accomplish this, some pretty significant concessions must’ve been made either in engineering or cost. You would be wrong. Bosch IDS 2.0 condensers are priced competitively, and they are just as quiet as the original‑even with the upgrades!

The Twist-Fit Advantage

Bosch isn’t the only company that streamlined their installation process recently. Unico also got in on the game this year with their Twist-Fit tubing. This locking system reduces installation time up to 50% by replacing the standard connection with a simple twist-and-lock coupling.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to efficient comfort in unique applications, the combination of Bosch and Unico can’t be beat. Both these fine companies are dedicated not only to providing quality products but to innovation and development. They push the industry forward and we couldn’t be prouder to represent them.

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