The NAVAC Pit Stop Tour | Coming to a Branch Near You

The Need for Speed Program is in full swing and packages are flying off our shelves. To celebrate the success of the NAVAC and Able parentship, we are hosting a weeklong Pit Stop Tour featuring an event at every branch!


The Pit Stop Tour is one-part celebration, one-part promotion, and 100% great for contractors!

We are celebrating NAVAC and Able cornering the Chicagoland market on next-gen HVAC tools.

We are promoting our favorite new line.

But, most importantly, we are providing a free service for all our loyal contractors: FREE vacuum pump oil changes!

That’s right, just bring your vacuum pump to any one of our Pit Stop Tour events and a NAVAC professional will perform an oil change for you free of charge!


There are two answers to that question.

Why are we doing it?

Because we love our contractors and your success is important to us.

Why should you take advantage of our generosity?

  1. Deep Vacuum – Clean oil will lubricate and seal the pump allowing you to get a deeper vacuum.
  2. Speed – A well-sealed pumped can run laps around a poorly maintained one and your time is valuable.
  3. Longevity – Every time you run your pump with dirty oil, you’re that much closer to needing a replacement.
  4. Heat – A clean pump is a cool pump and a cool pump performs better across all conditions.
  5. Cost – This oil change is free and free is a lot less than the cost of a new pump.

OF COURSE, if you are interested in a new pump, the Need for Speed promotion is the best time to make that purchase. If you have any questions about NAVAC’s vacuum pumps or just general questions about best practices when it comes to vacuum pumps, we will have experts on hand to provide info and advice.

Where + When

All Pit Stop Tour events will be taking place between 10am and 2pm. Stop by at point in that window to get your oil change, chat with the pros, and pick up your orders.

Able McHenry | Mon. Aug 3rd
Able South Side | Tue. Aug 4th
Able Chicago | Wed. Aug 5th
Able Northshore | Thu. Aug 6th
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