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Empire Wall Furnaces

Empire Wall Furnaces: An Alternative to Electric Heat

Last week, we discussed how a Modine unit heater makes it easy to add heating in spaces like garages, workshops, and warehouses. In today’s blog, we’ll be going covering how Empire gas-fired wall furnaces do the same for furnished rooms. Empire’s wall furnaces can be used as supplemental heating in existing rooms or they can be added with new construction to avoid the hassle of extending the existing heating system.

When it comes to adding additional in-home heating, electric heat is usually the go-to choice. A heat kit or electric baseboard is an inexpensive and perfectly serviceable option for many spaces, but there are downsides. For one, electricity is typically more expensive than gas-heating on a cost per BTU basis. This makes electricity an uneconomical option for applications with a high demand. You don’t need to vent an electric heat source, but if substantial rewiring or additional breakers are needed, the installation cost can quickly rise. Empire’s wall furnaces a powerful heating option with a low cost of operation, making them an excellent choice for nearly any application.

DV Series Direct Vent Wall Furnaces

Empire’s DV Series of wall furnaces have the lowest installation footprint. These models range in capacity from 10,000 BTU to 35,000 BTU and in size from 16″ W x 9.5″ D x 21.5″ H to 37″ W x 11.5″ D x 28″ H. These direct vent models install directly on an outside wall where they can easily draw fresh air for combustion and safely discharge exhaust fumes. The DV Series features a pushbutton Piezo ignition system for safety and quiet burners so as not to disturb your customer’s space.

DV & DVC Counterflow Direct Vent Wall Furnaces

The DV-55 and DVC-35 are similar to the DV Series in that they install on and vent through an outside wall. These models clock in at 55,000 BTU and 35,000 BTU respectively, making them perfect for larger rooms or even multi-room heating. This extra power comes at the cost of height; the DV-55 and DVC-35 are only a foot deep and barely over a foot wide, but they are both more than six feet tall. The slender depth of the DVC-35 is especially an asset when you consider the fact that it can be recessed between wall studs. These are counterflow models, meaning that they disperse heated air at floor level.

FAW Series Chimney Vent Wall Furnaces

The FAW Series are also tall counterflow models. There are 40,000 and 55,000 BTU options and the FAW-40 allows for recessed installation between wall studs like the DVC-35. Where these models differ is in their vertical venting. This allows the FAW-40 or FAW-55 to be installed on inside walls, making them perfect for applications where a central room needs heating.

Adding additional heating capabilities to a furnished space is often a tricky proposition. However, with Empire wall furnaces, any home with a gas line can easily expand their heating system without major renovations. The next time your clients bring up electric heat, be sure to inform them of the Empire option.

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