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General Aire IAQ

GeneralAire Keeps Homes Happy, Healthy, and Comfortable

If your clients are relying on a simple filter to keep the air in their home clean, they’re not doing enough. Removing harmful contaminants from the air is just as important to comfort as the temperature, but it gets a lot less attention. People spend a majority of their time in their home, so it is of the utmost importance that indoor air quality is high. Luckily, this is a serious concern with a simple solution: GeneralAire. GeneralAire’s lineup of IAQ products can take care of everything from allergens and odors to germs and mold.

Humidity Control: The First Line of Defense

Humidity is the element of IAQ most closely related to physical comfort. In the winter, it is easy for air to become too dry, and the inverse is true for the summer. Improper humidity levels make it difficult to stay comfortable and create an environment that exacerbates other air quality issues. Running a dehumidifier in the summer helps to prevent mold, viruses, and bacteria from spreading. In the winter, a humidifier prevents dry, cracking skin and also helps inhibit bacteria growth.

GeneralAire offers low-voltage dehumidifiers, evaporative humidifiers, and steam humidifiers. Their residential evaporative models are available in sizes ranging from 12 gallons per day to 18 gallons per day while their steam offerings cover a range of 15 to 35 gallons per day. The DH70 and DH90 dehumidifiers remove 70 and 90 pints per day, respectively.

Taking Care of Germs & Gases

Once you’ve tackled humidity control, you can turn your attention to neutralizing germs and gases. Ultraviolet light is the most effective way to kill germs, allergens, and microbes, basically all the imperceptible things that make people sick. UV air purifiers also help keep funky smells, mold, and man-made breathing hazards in check.

GeneralAire’s air purifiers are a powerful tool when it comes to achieving excellent indoor air quality. The GUV100A83 offers 36-watt protection, the GUV25403A adds a secondary lamp dedicated to oxidizing contaminants, and the PCO2450 actually manipulates the pressure around its 50-watt lamp to maximize the kill rate.

The Nitty-Gritty: Particulate Removal

With an air purifier and humidity control equipment, your client is well on their way to ideal indoor air quality, but we still have to address filtration. Most homes have a filter rack on or near their furnace. A couple of times a year they stop at Home Depot, grab the cheapest model that fits their rack, and then promptly forget about air quality for another six months.

For impeccably clean households without pets or kids, this might be enough. However, for most particulate-removal applications, you need something a little stronger. This is where a GeneralAire air cleaner comes into play. GeneralAire offers media air cleaners with MERV ratings between 8 and 11. For the next step up, their TERSus electronic air cleaners combine MERV 13 filtration with UV air purification. For reference, standard HVAC filters are usually rated at 5 to 6 MERV. An 8 MERV rating means the filter will capture dander, pollen, mites, and mold spores and a 13 MERV filter is capable of trapping the nuclei from a sneeze.

Complete home comfort starts with heating and cooling, but it ends with IAQ. If you’re only offering half of the equation, you’re missing out on business and your clients are missing out on a healthier home. Luckily, GeneralAire makes it easy for you to deliver exceptional indoor air quality.

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