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Modine: Spot Heating for Any Space

For spaces that lack heating, a gas-fired unit heater can be the most economical path to comfort. Expanding a central heating system will involve duct work renovations and possibly require additional insulation or zoning mechanisms. Single zone mini split systems are great for additions, but when it comes to uninsulated spaces or spaces that aren’t used for extended periods of time, the equipment and installation cost can quickly outpace the value provided. Simply put, when it comes to adding heating capabilities to a garage, warehouse, or similar workspace, a gas-fired unit heater is the way to go. Luckily for you, Able Distributors is a proud stockist of Modine unit heaters, one of the industry’s best-regarded brands.

The Hot Dawg HD Series

Modine’s Hot Dawg HD series is the perfect natural gas-fired solution for residential space heating applications. With an 80% thermal efficiency rating, capacities ranging from 30,000 BTU to 125,000 BTU, and heat throw distances ranging from 25′ to 56′, the Hot Dawg HD line provides efficient comfort for garages ranging from one to four cars in size. These models are power vented; this means that pre-installation renovations are minimal.

Disruption isn’t a concern with these Modine models, they are designed for quiet operation. At a distance of five feet, Hot Dawg HD decibel levels range from 53 dB to 58 dB. For comparison, normal human speaking volume at a distance of three feet is between 60 dB and 65 dB. Even the largest Hot Dawg HD model is quieter than a conversation.

The Vertical Power Vented PDP Series

The PDP series of unit heaters from Modine shares many similarities with the Hot Dawg HD series. These power-vented commercial unit heaters have an 80% thermal efficiency rating and utilize natural gas. They also feature a levelling mechanism for picture perfect installations and easy adjustments.

The power is where they differ from the Hot Dawg HD models. PDP series unit heaters are available in sizes from 150,000 BTU to 400,000 BTU. Their heat throw distances are similarly scaled with values ranging from 55′ to 69′.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to space heating, Modine is a premier name. With product lines like the Hot Dawg HD series and PDP series, it’s easy to see why. Modine stands behind the quality of their unit heaters with a 10-year heat exchanger warranty, so your customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their garage, workshop, or warehouse will be comfortable for at least a decade.

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