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The Condensate Pump, Perfected – Little Giant VCMA-PRO

Modern heat exchangers take advantage of the condensing process to reach their high efficiency levels. This is great for homeowners since it means lower bills and it’s great for the planet, but it does introduce an issue: what to do with the condensate? Condensate pumps are basically essential in modern HVAC systems but incorporating them can still be tricky. Luckily, Little Giant has upgraded their classic VCMA Series pumps into the new VCMA-PRO Series. These are most versatile and easy-to-install pumps that we have ever seen, and they are now available at Able! Read on for all the details!

Little Giant’s VCMA Series was already Chicagoland’s preferred condensate pump. And for good reason, the discharge adapter has a check valve built-in, the motor is fan-cooled for thermal protection, and all Little Giant products are covered by a robust three-year warranty. There are also a lot of smaller quality of life features like one side of the pump featuring wall mounting tabs or the package including 20’ of vinyl tubing. The VCMA Series was the perfect marriage high-quality build and contractor-focused convenience. So how does one improve on that?

Bigger Smaller and Better

Little Giant already had the best pump and the best warranty, how could they improve for the VCMA-PRO Series? Doubling down on contractor convenience.

First, they reduced the footprint of the pump making it easier to fit into any application. Modern mechanical rooms are only getting more cramped so every inch counts.

Next, they scrapped the single side of wall-mounting tabs for a slick, steel quick install bracket that works with either side of the pump. And for installations that don’t require mounting, there are now small rubber antivibration pads on the bottom of the pump to reduce noise.

Finally, Little Giant added an external test/run lever. This allows you to quickly determine if everything is working even when the unit is dry.

Of course, they kept the high-performance motor and the three-year warranty. The end result of all this is the VCMA-PRO, the perfect condensate pump for the modern mechanical room.

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