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Rinnai SENSEI RX – Next Generation Tankless Water Heating

The tagline for Rinnai’s SENSEI series is “Built for the PRO, by the PRO” and in the new SENSEI RX, you can truly see what they mean. These tankless powerhouses have been upgraded with a variety of features that make installation easier than ever. In this blog, we’re going to walk you through what’s new and what’s better.

What’s New?

Smart Sense Gas Valve + Versa Vent

Some upgrades aren’t really tailored to Chicagoland, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t at least mention them. Rinnai really boosted the adaptability of the SENSEI by adding a new gas valve that supports both natural gas and liquid propane. They have also developed a vent cap (sold separately) that allows the SENSEI RX to be installed outdoors.

Smart Connect Bluetooth

Using the Rinnai Central App (I’ll throw a download link at the bottom of this post,) you can setup the unit without removing the cover. You don’t even need the home’s wi-fi password, everything is done over Bluetooth.

Quick Flush

Annual flushes are a tedious but necessary component of tankless maintenance. Luckily, Rinnai has streamlined them with its new Quick Flush feature. The PC Board of a SENSEI will provide useful information on its display throughout the flushing process and will even pause automatically if it doesn’t detect flow.

What’s Better?

Enhanced Venting

We’re opening the updates section with a fan favorite: enhanced vent runs! That’s right, the SENSEI RX now leads the industry with a 75’ max length for 2” vent and 150’ max length for 3” vent.

Upgraded Heat Exchangers

All the SENSEI RX models feature exceptional efficiency with a UEF of 0.97-0.98. This is possible in large part thanks to the updated heat exchangers. The updated design and stainless-steel construction provide exceptional efficiency and maximum durability.

Smart-Circ Intelligent Recirculation

The SENSEI RX lineup includes the SENSEI RXP with integrated recirculation. This unit doesn’t use any old pump though, it has a cutting edge 4-speed pump which was selected for its efficient and quiet operation. This nearly silent pump is paired with a Smart-Circ controller that actually learns the hot water usage patterns in the house to provide optimal comfort.

The standard SENSEI RX models don’t have the integral pump like the RXP, but Rinnai did include a retrofit pump kit. This means that recirculation can be added to any SENSEI RX model after the fact, no fuss.

Easier Installation

This isn’t as exciting as a redesigned heat exchanger, but Rinnai managed to shave off 10 pounds from the final weight, getting the SENSEI RX down to a svelte 58 lbs. This makes it easier to move and easier to mount. They also revamped the cabinet so that opening it is easier for contractors.

Enhanced Warranty

The old SENSEI’s have a 15-year heat exchanger warranty and provide 5 years of parts coverage and 1 year of labor. With the RX series, the labor coverage is bumped up to 5 years as well. So that’s 15/5/5 (once you register the unit, of course.)

Bottom Line

The SENSEI was already our top tankless water heater, and this new version is better in every conceivable way. From a streamlined installation process to superior efficiency to a warranty that includes five years of labor, the SENSEI RX has been built for the pro by the pros at Rinnai.

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