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Introducing the Able Clearance Catalog

Able Distributors is thrilled to announce another major update to the webshop: clearance products. We’re talking deep discounts on premium products from top brands. The Clearance Catalog has a little bit of everything from condensers to boilers to parts. We’ll get into how the sausage gets made a bit below but if you’re just reading to learn how to get the lowest prices on the best products: type ‘clearance’ into the search, hit enter, and you’re good to go.

HVAC is always evolving. 10 years ago, an inverter-driven split heat pump condenser with a simple installation process was a pipe dream. Now, Bosch is on their 4th iteration of the IDS lineup, and you can get an instant utility rebate when you buy one. It’s important to stay on the cutting edge, but when something new debuts, the old products don’t instantly become obsolete.

Previously, if you wanted to know about a deal on outdated items AKA ‘dead stock,’ you would have to contact Able directly by call, text, or email and let us know what kind of project you had, and we would get back to you with options. Now, you can instantly view our entire dead stock clearance inventory from anywhere with

All you need to do is type ‘clearance’ into the search bar, hit enter, and you’re good to go! Once you’re on the clearance results page, you can filter by both brand and category, making it incredibly easy to find exactly what you’re looking for at a deep discount. These prices are first come, first serve and clearance stock is limited but we’re adding new products all the time, so keep an eye out!

The Able Clearance catalog is live, searchable, and packed with product from brands like Napoleon, NTI, and Bosch. Check it out now!

Able Clearance Catalog

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