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REFCO GOBI II – Powerful, Compact Condensate Protection

Sometimes it’s the little things that get us most excited. That’s the case—both literally and figuratively—when it comes to the REFCO GOBI II condensate pump. This compact pump is the final word in mini split condensate management. It has a bevy of contractor-friendly features, a minimal footprint, and it operates quietly without sacrificing power. Get all the details on the GOBI II below!

Silent, Versatile, Powerful

As Brian mentions in the video below, the ideal condensate pump does two things:

  1. It moves a lot of liquid.
  2. It moves liquid quietly.

You nail those two things, and everything else is gravy. Well, the GOBI II nails both those things (11 GPM @ 20 dB) and comes with plenty of gravy.

The main event when it comes to GOBI II functionality is the configurable dipswitches. These contribute to the unit’s versatility, power, and sound levels. Every GOBI II pump includes a pair of dipswitches which give the unit four different power levels. This means that the GOBI II can handle any unit with a capacity between 6,000 BTU and 120,000 BTU. Basically, this is the only mini split pump you’ll ever need on your truck.

The variable power levels also mean the pump is never doing more than it should, which is one of the main sources of noise with lesser pumps. In fact, the GOBI II’s maximum sound level is just 20 dB which is equivalent to a ticking watch.

Easy Installation

With the GOBI II, REFCO really went the extra mile in terms of contractor convenience. The configurable power level already means you only need one pump for any wall-mounted mini split, but REFCO didn’t stop there.

They scrapped the traditional float sensor for a more accurate digital sensor with an LED indicator. This is paired with a transparent reservoir to make diagnostics a breeze.

The GOBI II also includes a full mounting kit with a bracket with cover, anchors & screws, cable ties; everything you need to install it comes in the box.

So, it covers every size of wall-mounted mini split, it’s easy to install, and it’s easy to service.

Bottom Line

The GOBI II can handle units between 6,000 and 120,000 BTU.
It is about as noisy as a ticking watch.
It’s easy to install and maintain.
It features a robust 2-year warranty.

So, if you want a silent, powerful, universal mini split pump, you want the REFCO GOBI II, available now at Able Distributors!

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