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Napoleon NS18 – The Ultimate Heat Pump

Able’s partnership with Napoleon is in year 7 and it’s stronger than ever. The Ultimate 9700 has been our flagship furnace for almost a decade and now we’re introducing the Ultimate heat pump: the NS18. This side-discharge phenomenon is not only an excellent 4-season comfort solution, but also the best way to ensure that your company is maximizing its 2024 ComEd rebates.

Get all the details on why we love this product and how it fits into the 2024 rebate scheme.

NS18 Features & Benefits

Starting out with the basics: the NS18 is a side-discharge central split heat pump. These high-efficiency heat pumps hit a 15.2 SEER2 when paired with an Aspen coil and that climbs up to an 18.0 SEER2 when paired with a Napoleon NPFX air handler. We’ll dive further into which efficiencies qualify for which rebates in the next section.

The highlight of NS18 heat pumps is their versatility. Napoleon has crafted a heat pump that fits into virtually every application. The side-discharge design means that not only is the unit’s footprint smaller, but it can also be wall-mounted. Regardless of how you install it, the NS18 features Whisper Quiet low-vibration design which minimizes operational noise.

Installation options are great, but the real versatility comes from the NS18’s Hyper Heat compressor. This inverter compressor not only provides high-efficiency comfort, it also functions in EXTREME conditions:

  • 100% Heating Capacity @ -5°F
  • Sustained Heating Operation @ -22°F
  • 100% Cooling Capacity @ 115°F

That’s right, between -5 and 115°F, the NS18 heat pump provides its full capacity, and it does so at an Energy Star-rated efficiency level. It will even keep heating as the temperature drops down to -22°F. Napoleon checked, and this qualifies as the largest operating range in air-source heat pump history.

The NS18 & 2024 ComEd Rebates

Ok, so we have established that the NS18 is a powerful, efficient, and fit to be installed basically anywhere, but that’s not all! The NS18 is also the EASIEST way to qualify for a 2024 ComEd rebate with only a coil.

Pair an NS18 heat pump with a matching Aspen coil, and you’re good to go with a $1,200 rebate. Swap in an NPFX air handler for that coil and the rebate climbs to $1,400.

N93-WSEHV2436RA1 + [A12-CE36B44-175L-111 OR A12-CE36B44-210L-111 OR N93-NPFX24A36A]
N93-WSEHV4860RA1-N + [A12-CE60B44-210L-111 OR A12-CE60B44-245L-111 OR N93-NPFX48A60A]

Make sure to hit up the links at the bottom of this post for more NS18 resources including our 2024 Rebates Hub, which lists every rebate-ready combination, and heat pump solutions, which contain pre-selected accessories to make your installations a breeze!

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