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Maytag is Changing the Game with These Rebates

Maytag’s 12th Man Plan offers a plethora of benefits to participating contractors. From exclusive training sessions to customized marketing help, the 12th Man program is perfect for contractors looking for a leg up on their competition. However, the most valuable component of the 12th Man is the exclusive rebates.

That’s right, 12th Man contractors receive access to significant homeowner rebates for high-efficiency split and packaged systems as well as individual components. Right now, it is the Fall 2017 rebate period, which runs from October 1st, 2017 through December 31st, 2017.

Below is a brief listing of some of the combinations that can be purchased at Able Distributors*. A complete list, as well as further details on the 12th Man program, can be found in the links at the bottom of this page.

Single Unit Rebates:

PSA4BG 20 SEER AC Condensers – $150

PSA4BF 16 SEER AC Condensers – $100

PSA4BE 14 SEER AC Condensers – $75

PGC2TC & PGC2TL Variable Speed Furnaces – $125

Split System Rebates:

PGC2T(C/L) Furnace + PSA4BG AC Condenser – $1,300

PGC2T(C/L) Furnace + PSA4BF AC Condenser – $700

PGC2T(C/L) Furnace + PSA4BE AC Condenser – $600

*Some of these items are nonstock equipment. Please contact your local Able branch to discuss shipping times and availability.

Think about how easy it will be to secure a job when your quote is more than $1,000 less than your competitor’s! These savings offer you a significant pricing advantage without compromising the quality of your clients’ comfort.

If you’d like to discuss the available Game Changer rebates or joining the 12th Man Plan, just ask your Able salesperson!

Maytag 12th Man Plan Playbook | Maytag Game Changer Rebate Details

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