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Instant and On-Demand: The Rinnai Advantage

When it comes to tankless hot water, Rinnai is our first recommendation every time. Their commitment to innovation can be seen across the full residential and commercial lines–available at Able! Rinnai is constantly tweaking and improving their equipment whenever they find an avenue for improvement. The end result of this process is a company that continually produces superior products and helps push the boundaries of tankless domestic hot water forward.

The Sensei Line

Rinnai’s Sensei tankless water heaters combine intelligent engineering and precise design to provide a piece of equipment that contractors love to install, and homeowners can always count on.

Each Sensei water heater features a number of upgrades geared toward making life easier for the installer. This includes small details like the adjustable mounting plate and rotating isolation and pressure relief valves. It also includes a complete overhaul of the venting system. The Sensei line supports 14 different vent configurations from a total of nine different manufacturers. This affords you amazing flexibility when selecting the method that best suits your client’s application.

Of course, there is plenty to love about the Sensei from the consumer side as well. The stainless-steel R-evolution heat exchanger is the most durable we’ve seen, and the Sensei is packed with upgrades for optimal efficiency. Between the switching venturi, the zero-governor gas valve, and the fiber mesh premix burner, every residential Sensei is above 0.92 EF. That is in addition to providing 9+ gallons of hot water per minute, so don’t think that efficiency comes at the expense of power.

The Demand Duo

There is an absolutely lovely commercial Sensei model. It is 199,000 BTU and provides 9.8 gallons of hot water per minute. If that suits your application, we highly recommend it.

However, if you’re looking for a little more power, and maybe some storage, then the Demand Duo is for you. These hybrid tankless models combine Rinnai’s exceptional tankless technology with a high-capacity storage tank. In addition to bringing high-efficiency tankless together with high-capacity storage, the Demand Duo also manages to be lighter and more affordable than the competition.

The Demand Duo manages to do all of that while maintaining a 96% efficiency rating and with the benefit of a warranty that cover the heat exchanger for eight years, the tank for six years, and everything else for five years.

The Bottom Line

Instant hot water shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be the norm. Whether its commercial or residential, tankless or hybrid, new construction or a replacement job, Rinnai and Able have you covered.

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