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Always Add Alphi-11!

We haven’t quite hit freezing temps in Chicago yet, but you know they’re on the way. Whenever the city is approaching subzero temperatures, we like to remind all of our fabulous contractors that we stock the absolute best antifreeze product in the industry courtesy of Fernox. Oh, and it happens to include a powerful inhibitor to provide another layer of protection.


Hydronic systems, especially snow melt systems, run the risk of freezing and seizing in the winter. This is only increased if there are mitigating factors like an extended absence or the potential for loss of power. Of course, any exposed piping also creates a risk. Luckily, the proper application of a glycol-based antifreeze can completely protect the system. But freezing isn’t the only issue that hydronic systems run into, and if you can kill two birds with one stone, why not?


What really makes Alphi-11 stand out is the addition of a multi-purpose protection agent to the glycol mix. This means that a system treated with Alphi-11 will not only be protected against freezing, but also corrosion and limescale. This solution is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and tested to be safe for use will all materials commonly used in hydronic heating systems.

The Bottom Line

An amazing system deserves amazing protection and Alphi-11 provides just that. Whether you have a massive snowmelt system or a standard central heating system, the proper dose of Alphi-11 will keep it protected against freezing, limescale, and corrosion. Make Alphi-11 a staple on your truck today; your clients will thank you!

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