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HVAC Distributor Trusts Small-Duct System for his Wright-Inspired Historic Home

As the owner of Able Distributors, Michael Bleier has been providing heating and air conditioning products for discerning contractors in the Greater Chicago area for over 20 years. In 2007, Michael purchased an historic home in the suburb of Highland Park, IL, that was designed by an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright. Michael wanted to restore the property to its original splendor while adding modern, state-of-the art conveniences.

The stacked stone house is of particular significance because it was originally built in 1920 as the personal residence of Wright’s apprentice, the architect John Van Bergen. Over several decades, Van Bergen designed many homes in the Prairie style throughout Chicagoland and the Midwest. The home’s original design and local history were key factors in Michael’s decision to buy the home, but he also needed to make some serious upgrades. So, when it came to replacing the existing inefficient forced air system, Michael knew The Unico System was the only way to go.


“Over the two decades plus that I’ve been carrying The Unico System,” says Michael, “my customers and I have come to know, love and trust the product.” Due to its ability to fit into the tightest of spaces without the need for extensive remodeling or build-outs for concealments, Michael had Unico in mind as part of his decision to buy the house. “When I moved into the home in 2007 I installed a boiler and a Unico System with a hot water coil. The Unico System was a natural fit due to its superior performance and, of course, the aesthetics.”

The combination of an efficient boiler, a high-SEER condensing unit and Unico worked flawlessly for over ten years, but Michael decided to make even more upgrades in 2018 in the wake of design improvements by Unico and the system’s ability to be paired with a quiet and highly efficient outdoor inverter unit made by Bosch. “When Unico’s ECM (electronically commutated motor) unit came on the market it made their air handler a true match made in heaven with the new outdoor inverter units from Bosch,” noted Michael. “These units are both virtually silent and the combination provides the end-user with ‘free’ heat with no need for additional piping or wiring.”

The Results Says Michael, “What had been a great indoor comfort system became an excellent indoor comfort system. The efficiencies of the Unico ECM and Bosch inverters have reduced my monthly utility costs even more than the already low levels they were at, but the biggest change has been the increased level of comfort. I’ve always loved my house but, with the combination of The Unico System and Bosch, now I love living in my house.” True praise from someone who trusts The Unico System personally as well as professionally.


• Flexible design and installation – no need for extensive remodeling

• Quiet operation

• Even, draft-free temperatures

• Discreet supply outlets – outlets virtually disappear and preserve aesthetics

• Energy efficient

• The only HVAC system endorsed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Read the full study here: Bleier Case Study 26 59716-5

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