Fujitsu is Chicago’s Ductless Solution

When we first started selling ductless mini-split systems, the choice was easy and clear. Single zone, cooling only, pick your brand. They were considered weird tools to service unique applications such as server rooms and in-law additions. Today, there are over 40 different ductless brands and we have been approached by almost every single one of them. There are temptations but one thing we have learned over 40 years of selling HVAC equipment in Chicago is that you don’t mess with what works and Fujitsu definitely works.

As times have changed, Fujitsu has met all of those changes head on. They were among the first companies to offer mix-and-match multi-zone systems, they leapt to the forefront of low-ambient heating, and they’re ahead of the curve when it comes to incorporating wireless connectivity into their products.

Multi-Zone Options

If you’re looking to ductless for a whole-home comfort solution, you’re probably looking for a multi-zone system. With an inverter-driven compressor, Fujitsu’s multi-zone mini splits are perfect for providing customized comfort to different rooms. Fujitsu offers five sizes of standard multi-zone condenser and three sizes in XLTH.

XLTH – Extra Low Temperature Heating

XLTH condensers are designed for high-performance heating in nearly any conditions. These units feature modified heat exchangers and compressors which allow them to function in freezing conditions. They can maintain an indoor setpoint of seventy degrees when it’s as low as 3° outside. They’ll even continue to provide heating when the temperatures outside drop as low as -15°.

XLTH systems are available in two-to-four-unit multi-zone applications as well as single-zone wall-mounted and floor-mounted applications.

Simple Wi-Fi

With the introduction of smart thermostats, remote HVAC system control is becoming a major selling point for homeowners and renters. It’s not hard to understand why the ability to ensure that your home is always the perfect temperature when you return is so popular. With Fujitsu, it’s easier than ever to offer this option when pitching ductless.

Fujitsu’s RLS3Y line of wall-mounted single-zone systems features wi-fi integration, no extra products needed! The same can be said of the RLS3YH variants which include XLTH technology.

In addition to incorporating wi-fi directly into those units, Fujitsu also made it easy to add to existing systems. There are wireless IR and wired wi-fi modules than can be incorporated into most single or multi-zone systems.

The Bottom Line

Ductless doesn’t have to be some weird European way to cool server rooms, nor should it be an intimidating system design problem. At the end of the day, ductless is a tool, and it’s one that should be in your toolbox.

If you have any questions about Fujitsu or how to get started when it comes to ductless, just ask your friendly neighborhood Able pro.

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