GeneralAire Makes Ideal IAQ Easy

Last week, we covered the facts surrounding the Chicago water supply and its effects on steam humidification. Today, we’re going to be diving into GeneralAire’s product lineup with a focus on the model that is best suited for Chicagoland’s low-conductivity applications.

The Winner

As discussed in last week’s post, the two factors which play the largest role in a successful low-conductivity humidification application are power supply and humidifier canister. A low voltage humidifier will waste energy with a drawn out startup process and a standard canister will hamstring the unit’s capacity. Lacking either, or both, of these options can also negatively affect the lifespan of the humidifier.

Over the years here at Able, we’ve seen a number of different humidifier models attempt to break into the Chicago market only to be rebuffed after operational issues. These companies try to treat Chicago like any other market and that doesn’t fly when it comes to humidification.

Luckily, we’ve had the perfect Chicago steam humidifier in our catalog for the past six years: The GeneralAire DS25LC.

The DS25LC is a 230V low-conductivity steam humidifier. If handling Chicago’s water with aplomb isn’t enough to sell you, there are a number of additional benefits to the DS25LC. For starters, it can de duct-, wall-, or remote-mounted. It also includes an air handler fan relay, making it a breeze to wire the unit to the forced air system. Utilizing the system fan is a great way to decrease the length of the startup process while helping to ensure ideal cycle times.

The DS25LC is suitable for spaces up to 6,000 square feet and it is capable of producing between 25 and 35 gallons of steam per day.

Close, But Not Quite

Generally speaking, the further that your clients live from Lake Michigan, the higher the conductivity of their water. This isn’t a guarantee and proper testing should always be done prior to making a product recommendation, but in not-quite-low conductivity settings, the DS25 or DS15P are both great choices.

The DS25 is the standard conductivity version of the DS25LC. It shares the same features and specs with the difference being the canister.

The DS15P, however, is 120V model designed for spaces topping out at 3,500 square feet with a daily steam output of just under 16 gallons per day. Like the DS25, it includes a steam canister for use with standard conductivity water and it incorporates all of the features of the DS25LC.

GeneralAire Elite Steam Humidifiers Brochure

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