Unique Circumstances Demand Unique Solutions

Chicago has low-conductivity water.

Simply put, this means that the water is Chicago does a poor job of transmitting electricity. From a purity and drinkability standpoint, this is great. However, if you have a steam humidifier, you’re going to run into some issues.


The simple fact of the matter is that when it comes to humidification in Chicago, unique circumstances dictate what will work and what won’t work.

Now, this isn’t an insurmountable issue, not hardly. Circumstance can be conquered with the right tools, but you definitely can’t treat this application like it’s one size fits all.

In regard to humidification, Chicago is a special snowflake and it demands a special approach.

What’s the Approach?

There are two major elements to a successful steam humidification application in Chicago: humidifier power supply and humidifier canister. If either of these elements is ignored when selecting a humidifier, you’re running a mess of risks including:

  • Extremely long start up time
  • Reduced unit capacity
  • Shortened unit lifespan

By using a low-conductivity canister, you’re equipping your humidifier to deal with the unique water conditions in Chicago.

However, even with a low-conductivity canister, you’re not guaranteed to reach output capacity quickly and stay there. That’s where the power supply comes in. Low voltage humidifiers are great… for other metropolitan areas. It would be awesome if we could get by with them in Chicago, but the fact of the matter is that we just can’t. Anyone who assures you otherwise is hoping that your customer doesn’t mind sacrificing capacity for universality.

And make no mistake about it, there are companies that tout their “renaissance humidifiers”. They’ll proudly proclaim that their unit is a jack of all trades while muttering under their breath that it’s a master of none.

That’s not what Chicago needs. Chicago needs a specialist, a unit designed to work and work well, in low-conductivity conditions.

Chicago needs GeneralAire.

Stop back on Monday for our rundown of steam humidification options from GeneralAire for Chicago.

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