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Fernox Fights for Your System!

Sometimes, a contractor will come across something at a job site that they just have to share. Maybe it’s a nonsensical piping job from the previous guy or a questionable repair attempted by the owner.

Today, we’re going to be sharing a movie from a contractor with you that demonstrates what absolute hydronic neglect looks like.

That heat exchanger is less than three years old. It was part of a system using well water that was neither cleaned nor maintained. Now, the building owner is paying to replace a three-year-old boiler because the previous contractor didn’t think to treat the system with inhibitor.

The above heat exchanger would be running like new if Fernox F3 Cleaner and Fernox Alphi-11 were used.

If you’re not sure where to get started with Fernox, you can just ask any Able sales associate for a recommendation. One of our personal favorites from Fernox is the Express Boiler Commissioning Kit (Ask for F20-62089!)

This kit includes:

  • Fernox F3 Cleaner Express
  • Fernox F1 Protector Express
  • pH test strips
  • a Protector test kit

These express models feature aerosol cans that make the process easier than ever! Typically a technician can test, treat, and re-test a system in under 30 minutes with this!

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