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Treat Your Customers Right, Treat Their Boilers with Fernox

If you’re not at least offering Fernox boiler treatment to your hydronic clients during installation, maintenance, or service calls, you’re doing them and yourself a serious disservice. Fernox products address a variety of issues from sticky pumps to excessive venting to diminished performance. These products represent a way to improve the operation and longevity of your clients’ equipment, make your job easier, and improve your bottom line. Whether you’ve got clients complaining about rising fuel costs and loud noises or you’re concerned about the potential for corrosion in a system, there’s a Fernox product tailored to help. One of the best parts of the Fernox system is the flexibility; each product can be used individually to address a specific issue, or they can be combined into a total boiler protection package. Below is a quick rundown of Fernox’s four primary products and how they can improve your clients’ comfort.

Protector F1

One 500ml bottle of Fernox Protector F1 is enough to protect a 100-liter hydronic system for a year or more. Protector F1’s primary function is to prevent corrosion and sediment buildup, both of which negatively affect the performance of the heating system. However, that’s not all it does. F1 also keeps pumps running smoothly, reduces radiator venting, and ensures even radiator temperatures.

Boiler Noise Silencer F2

Whether it is the result of older equipment or the guy before you did a poor job with design, sometimes boilers can get loud. If you have a client with a noisy hydronic system, they’ll love you after an F2 treatment. In addition to addressing boiler noise, the Fernox F2 liquid also improves heat transfer efficiency.

Cleaner F3

Fernox Protector F1 is a proactive product. When used, it will prevent negative conditions such as corrosion and scale. However, if you’re dealing with a system that is already afflicted by these problems, you need Fernox Cleaner F3. This product is designed to attack and break down solids in a hydronic system, leaving it running like new. When Fernox’s F1 and F3 solutions are employed together, customers can expect to see up to a 15% savings on their gas bill throughout heating season.

Leak Sealer F4

Addressing small leaks in hydronic systems can be a real pain, or it least it was before Fernox concocted their leak-sealing F4 boiler treatment. Developed to seal inaccessible leaks without blocking pumps and vents, F4 offers a simple solution to pressure loss problems.

All four of the above products are typically sold in 500ml bottles, however each is also available in a convenient “Express” aerosol version that takes less than 30 seconds to add to a hydronic system through a radiator adapter or filling loop. Please note, the express version of the Fernox Cleaner F3 is known as Fernox Cleaner F5 Express whereas the other three products retain their original name while adding “Express” to the end.
When it comes to maintaining a boiler and getting the most out of it, a little bit of Fernox can go a long way. Adding them during installation and maintenance will not only result in a more efficient system, it will help improve your margins. Learning more about Fernox products or placing an order is as easy as contacting you local Able Distributors branch.

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