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Buy a Bosch System, Get a $100 Gift Card!

Bosch’s inverter-driven heat pump systems are one of the best deals around and they’re about to get even better! Between the $1,400+ instant rebate and the long-term utility savings of a peak-efficiency system, it’s hard to beat the value provided by Bosch but one way to up the ante is to give you a free $100 gift card for every Bosch IDS 2.0 system that you purchase this summer. Get all the details below!

Promotion Details

From Monday, June 12th and running while supplies last, every Bosch IDS 2.0 system that you buy earns you a $100 gift card. This is a $10,000 giveaway promotion courtesy of Bosch and Able. That means only the first 100 systems purchased will get a gift card.

To create a qualifying system, you just pick out a Bosch IDS 2.0 condenser, match it to an official Bosch coil or air handler and BAM, you get a gift card!

Our friendly sales staff will be more than happy to help you pick the perfect system for your application or you can consult the chart below to do it yourself.

You can even order it online from our convenient webshop!

Note: Both IDS 2.0 and IDS 2.0 Connected systems qualify for this promotion, that means all F30-M20G-BOV[A/B] condensers.

Beginning in July, Able staff will be reaching out to everyone who has qualified, and you just need to let them know when and where you’d like to get your prize. We can have it ready for you at your local branch or we can bring it to you at the jobsite, whatever works best for you!

Reminder: this giveaway is available while supplies last and limited to the first 100 qualifying systems sold.

And most importantly THANK YOU—from both Bosch and Able Distributors!

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