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Bosch Instant Rebates: Central Systems

Last month, we discussed the rising popularity of heat pumps and gave you a breakdown of all of the Bosch mini split systems that qualify for rebates. This month, we’re back with a little refresher and the details on getting the biggest instant utility rebates with a Bosch IDS 2.0 central split system. Conveniently, our “Purchase a Bosch System, Get a $100 Gift Card” promotion kicked off this week, so learn how to maximize the rebate here then get rewarded with a free $100 gift card when you buy a system!

If you read our mini split post, you can skip down to the ‘Central Split Rebate Breakdown’ section.

Why Heat Pumps?

Go back a few decades and you’ll see that gas furnaces were outselling heat pumps two-to-one in America. And with good reason, older heat pumps were inefficient and ill-equipped to handle the cold in most of the northern U.S.

However, last year heat pumps outsold gas furnaces in the United States for the first time and they’re on the trajectory to keep that crown for the foreseeable future. So, what happened? Twenty years of technology happened.

Heat pumps have gone from a ductless gimmick for temperate climates to an all-seasons workhorse with premier efficiency. New inverter-driven central split units and advanced ductless systems can provide powerful, reliable heating even as the temperature outside plummets into the negatives.

Instant Rebates at Able

Another factor making heat pumps more attractive is the expansion of electrical utility rebates. It’s a lot easier to pitch a new system when you can tell the homeowner that you’ll take $1,350 to $2,000 off the sell price. ComEd wants to incentivize heat pump adoption and Able is happy to help!

As you may already know, Able offers instant ComEd rebates when you purchase qualifying equipment. That means no forms to fill out and send in; no waiting on a check to be sent, deposited, and cleared; no hassles.

Of course, the best rebates in the world don’t matter without product, luckily Able is loaded with heat pumps.

Central Split Rebate Breakdown

Central IDS systems can qualify for one of two rebates depending on their efficiency:

$1,400 – Between 16 SEER and 18 SEER

  • 3-Ton IDS 2.0 System w/ Matching Bosch Coil
  • 5-Ton IDS 2.0 System w/ Matching Bosch Coil
  • All M15 IDS 1.0 Systems w/ Matching Bosch Air Handler*

$2,000 – 18+ SEER

  • 3-Ton IDS 2.0 System w/ Matching Bosch Air Handler
  • 5-Ton IDS 2.0 System w/ Matching Bosch Air Handler

*Please note that M15 IDS 1.0 Systems are not included in the Able + Bosch $100 Gift Card Giveaway*

Shop Bosch Heat Pumps Online @ Able

The Bottom Line

You can see it in the sales numbers, and you can feel it in the air: heat pumps are the next generation of comfort and IDS is here to stay. Between our instant ComEd rebates, our deep heat pump stock, our summer giveaway, and our knowledgeable staff, we’re the Inverter Kings of Chicago and we’re here to help.

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